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Every once in a while, a craving for your Yaya’s cooking strikes. Be prepared with a Yaya’s Garden Family Variety Pack so you can share the bold Greek flavors and nostalgia with the whole family! Each frozen meal is made with fresh vegetables plucked straight from the garden, with real ingredients just like your Yaya would use—no preservatives in this kitchen! Heat up a hearty Moussaka featuring spices that fill your head with memories, mouthwatering Pastitsio with luscious bechamel, light and fresh Melitzana featuring sun-ripened eggplant and fragrant garlic from Grecian farms, or tender Gemista, the Greek take on stuffed peppers, filled to the brim with perfectly seasoned rice and fresh vegetables. Which will satisfy your craving for a taste of home?

Each pack includes (4) Moussaka, (4) Pastitsio, (4) Melitzana, and (4) Gemista.

Price: $103.79